KK Skipping Rope for men and women fitness workout exercise training (Leather Cable)



  • Our adjustable speed skipping rope is a fun and powerful way for both men and women to train and exercise at home, in the gym or on the go.
  • Delivering overall body conditioning and a strong cardio workout, speed skipping promotes better bone strength, heart health, co-ordination and a toned body shape.
  • Made with a premium steel wire core and a 360 degree rotating ball bearing mechanism in the handle for a smooth and efficient turn. Our speed jump rope is an ideal choice for fat burning cardio exercise, boxing, muscle toning and more.
  • Designed with ergonomic soft-grip, non-slip memory foam handles, a tangle-free, PVC-coated cable and an adjustable rope length for a comfortable and durable speed skipping rope that will last.
  • A lightweight and portable design you can use with ease at anytime and anywhere for a high-impact cardiovascular workout.


KK Skipping Rope adult for men and women fitness workout exercise training, Tangle-Free adjustable Speed Jump Rope for exercise fitness workouts, fat-burning exercises, boxing, toning.

Enjoy a high-impact cardiovascular workout at home, on the go or in the gym with our premium speed skipping rope for men and women.

Providing powerful overall body conditioning for a toned figure, healthy heart, better bone strength and co-ordination, speed skipping is a fun and easy way to engage in powerful, fat-burning exercise at any time of the day, wherever you are.

Ergonomically designed for comfort, durability and efficiency, our speed jump rope comes with soft-grip, non-slip memory foam handles and a long-lasting PVC-coated cable to ensure your rope will never tangle, crack or break.

Delivering an effective and comfortable workout, the rope length of our speed skipping rope can be adjusted from each handle to the length that suits you best. With the capacity to extend the cable length to as much as 3.2m, it is possible for your jump rope to be used by multiple family members with ease.

Lightweight for easy transportation, our premium speed jump rope is constructed with a high-quality steel wire core and a 360 degree rotating ball bearing mechanism in each handle to ensure that each turn is smooth and efficient.

A top choice for cardio exercise, boxing, fat-burning workouts and more, speed skipping is a great way to train and tone with pleasing results.