KK Yoga Mat 183cm x 61cm x 0.6cm Non Slip – Extra Grip TPE Eco Friendly Exercise Mat with convenient Carry bag (Black)



•Solving the fundamental problem of yoga mats that slip dangerously during use, the KK non-slip yoga mat is formed with a lightly textured top and non-slip base to ensure you can use your yoga mat safely.

•Constructed with robust TPE content, our non-slip exercise mat will remain fixed to the spot, regardless of the type of surface.

•Durable and of a professional grade, the KK yoga mat is eco-friendly, reusable and free from harmful PVC and metallic elements.

•Made with an essential waterproof, double-layered design this high-quality workout mat won’t tear, is hygienic to use and easy to clean.

•With a critical thickness of 6mm and handy carry handle, you can use this yoga mat safe in the knowledge that it provides sufficient cushioning for your delicate knee, hip and elbow regions. Available in a range of colours, this is the ultimate yoga mat that will last.


KK Yoga Mat Non Slip – TPE Eco Friendly Exercise Mat with convenient Carry Handle. Classic Professional 183cm Workout Mat for women and men for Yoga, Pilates, Gymnastics and more. 6mm (¼ inch) thickness. 

Designed for: yoga, Pilates, back exercises, pregnancy workouts, bodybuilding, children’s exercise, gymnastics and more, our KK 6mm thick, non-slip yoga mat ensures you can workout in safety and comfort.

Made from eco-friendly, non-toxic material with a convenient carry strap, this is the ideal exercise mat for your workout at home, on the go and in the gym.

Many yoga mats and exercise mats are thin, slippery and unhygienic. With our non-slip base and top, you can use your workout mat without fear of slipping or having your yoga mat slide all over the floor.

For the most comfortable and safe use, the KK professional non-slip yoga mat is made with a 6mm depth to ensure your knees, elbows and hips receive adequate protection. A lightweight construction and carry handle make this convenient exercise mat easy to carry and use on the go.

Manufactured from superior TPE content for the most robust construction, you can be sure that your mat will remain fixed to the floor during use. The waterproof, double-layered design is hygienic, reusable and resistant to tears.

Made without any PVC or metallic elements, our pro yoga mat is environmentally friendly and can be both recycled and reused.

At 183 cm x 61 cm our superb yoga mat is suitable for both professionals and amateurs, ideal for both men and women